Our services in the industrial sector

New plants construction

We help you plan your new facility.

From the time of planning the electrical construction, we take over and hope to be able to carry out the project together with you until delivery to you or the customers.


Retrofit: It's a big topic in the time in which the

Industry 4.0 is on the rise.


We help you to make the plant safer. With a large portfolio of suppliers, we can find and realize the best option for you to work even safer.



Maintenance is the alpha and omega for a long future of your plant!

All electronic components of their system should be checked and, if necessary, replaced at regular intervals. So you are on the safe side, that it does not come to a prolonged failure of the machine.

cabinet construction

We build their control cabinet.

The optimal system for your industrial plant.

Whether a complete control cabinet line or a single piece of Optimal control cabinet for them is already as good as finished.